Classic Cover 40th Birthday Giveaway

WIN a 1962 Ford Galaxie just by being a Classic Cover customer!* Existing customers are automatically entered.

Win a 1962 Ford Galaxie just by being a Classic Cover customer!*

We are celebrating our 40-year anniversary by giving away our stunning 1962 Ford Galaxie!* Existing customers are automatically entered.

Drive away in our V8-powered Galaxie without a worry, it will come all set with a warrant, rego, & 12 months insurance! Drop the top on this classic cruiser for a fun ride that transports you back to a golden era of motoring.

To be in to win, simply be a customer of Classic Cover Insurance at the time of the draw.

40 years of Insurance tailor-made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, we’re proud to have been trusted by our customers across the decades when it comes to protecting their pride and joys.

Don't miss this chance to drive away in our classic 1962 Ford Galaxie. Get a policy today and be a part of the celebration.

On behalf of the Classic Cover team, good luck and thank you for your support over the years.

*See below for full Terms and conditions.


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If you are an existing customer then you are automatically entered in the draw and DO NOT need to fill out the form below unless you are enquiring for a new quote.


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Terms and conditions


The Classic Cover 40th Birthday Giveaway – 1962 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Competition (“Competition”) is being run by Classic Cover Insurance Limited (“Classic Cover”). These Terms and Conditions are specific to this Competition and do not apply to any other competitions(s) run by Classic Cover, NZ Underwriting Agencies Limited (“NZUA”) or their respective Related Companies (as that term is defined under the Companies Act 1993).


One entry to the Competition will be drawn to win the Prize (“Winner”).  These Terms and Conditions must be accepted in order for the Winner to receive the Prize as detailed below.  If the Terms and Conditions are not accepted the Prize will be forfeited and another Winner will be drawn.


The Prize

The Prize will consist of the following:

A 1962 Ford Galaxie Sunliner – VIN: 7A86G0W0704148159[1] (“Ford Galaxie”) with a current:
Warrant of Fitness, valid for the period of 6 months*;
Registration, valid for the period of 1 year*;
Comprehensive car insurance (Classic Cover 0617 Policy) for the Ford Galaxie the period of 1 year[2]; and
Classic roadside assist for the Winner of the Ford Galaxie for the period of 1 year.

*Please note the Warrant of Fitness and Registration will be renewed within 14 days prior to the competition draw, and as such the periods of validation will run from the date of renewal not the date of the draw.


(together, “the Prize”)

The Prize is non-transferable, non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Eligibility and Entry Restrictions

All eligible entrants (“Eligible Entrant”), to be entered into the Competition, must meet the following criteria:

Have a physical address located within New Zealand to which the Prize can be delivered; and
Be 25 years or older; and
Hold a full or restricted New Zealand Drivers Licence; and
Hold an existing Classic Cover policy which is valid, current and has been paid in full (whether by annual lump sum or instalment payments with no payments in arrears) as at 23 March 2024 when the Competition is drawn.
An Eligible Entrant must not be:

An employee, executive or board member of NZUA or its Related Companies; or
A spouse or de facto partner of any employee, executive or board member of NZUA or its Related Companies.
(together, “the Eligibility Criteria”)

Note: If a Company or Trust is drawn as the Winner, to be deemed an Eligible Entrant a nominated representative of the Company or Trust must meet the Eligibility Criteria above and be willing and able to accept the Prize, and these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Company or Trust. The nominated representative must ensure Classic Cover have their contact details and are available to respond to communications from Classic Cover when the Prize is drawn, in the event the Company or Trust is drawn as the Winner. To further clarify, where a Classic Cover policy is held by individuals jointly, the Prize will be provided to the individual named on the policy.  If more than one individual is named on the policy the Prize will be won by such parties jointly unless otherwise agreed with Classic Cover in writing.

The promotion period of the Competition runs from 1 May 2023 to 23 March 2024 (“Promotion Period”).  The Competition is open to all Eligible Entrants who meet the criteria above, provided that at all times during the Promotion Period Classic Cover reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide a reason, to exclude any person or party from being an Eligible Entrant and thereby being eligible to win the Competition. 


All personal details held by Classic Cover about the Eligible Entrant must be valid and up to date during the Promotion Period to ensure the Winner is contactable when the Competition is drawn. 



All Eligible Entrants who hold a Classic Cover policy which is valid, current and has been paid or has no payments in arrears as at 23 March 2024 will be automatically entered into the Competition. 


If an Eligible Entrant does not wish to be entered into the Competition, at any time during the Promotion Period the Eligible Entrant can manually opt out of the Competition either by contacting Classic Cover or by clicking the following link here. For clarity if an Eligible Entrant does not manually opt out of the competition, they will automatically be entered into the competition as per these Terms and Conditions.


Any Winner who does not wish to accept the Prize or is unwilling to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions upon being drawn as Winner, is entitled to forfeit the Prize in writing and another Eligible Entrant will be drawn.


Competition Winner Determination

The Winner will be drawn electronically via a random number generator, before 5pm, on Saturday 23 March 2024 at the Whangamata Police Station. The draw will be witnessed by at least two independent witnesses of which one will be a NZ Police Officer, Justice of the Peace or known Public Figure.


Competition Winner Notification

Classic Cover will take reasonable steps, as described, to contact the Winner by phone (using the number(s) associated with the Winner’s current Classic Cover policy) immediately, but no later than one hour after, the draw has been completed. If no direct contact is made with the Winner Classic Cover will attempt to make direct contact with the Winner by phone a further three (3) times over the space of one (1) hour after first phone call.  If the Winner does not answer or make direct contact by phone with Classic Cover within the one (1) hour after the first phone call, the Prize will be automatically forfeited, and another Winner will be drawn. The same phone contact process as described will be repeated until a drawn Winner speaks directly with Classic Cover and accepts:

they have been drawn as the Winner of the Prize; and
they accept these Terms and Conditions in full; and
they are willing to accept the Prize; and
they are able to take possession of the Ford Galaxie within 28 days of the public announcement of the Winner on 24 March 2024.
Competition Winner Announcement

On Sunday 24 March 2024 at 2.00pm the Winner of the Prize will be announced publicly at Repco Beach Hop at Williamson Park, Ocean Road, Whangamata.  


Delivery of the Prize

After the Winner has been notified and accepted the Prize, Classic Cover will correspond with the Winner to arrange collection or shipping[3] of the Prize. Classic Cover will use reasonable endeavours to hand over ownership of the Prize within 28 days. If the Winner is unable to accept physical possession of the Prize within 28 days from 24 March 2024, then the Prize will be redrawn and another Winner will be selected.  If the Prize Winner is present at Repco Beach Hop on 24 March 2024, Classic Cover will endeavour to hand over possession of the Prize at the time if agreeable with the Prize Winner.



Classic Cover may collect and use personal information (including names, contact details and any other personal information required in connection with entry into the Competition) for the purposes of administering the Competition, verifying entrant’s details and contacting the Winner. Classic Cover will collect, use and hold personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and all other legal obligations, including under the Privacy Act 2020. In order to request access to, or correction of, personal information please contact Classic Cover’s Privacy Officer at



The Winner agrees to Classic Cover publicly announcing them as the Winner at Repco Beach Hop at Williamson Park, Ocean Road, Whangamata. The Winner agrees to grant Classic Cover exclusive permission to use their name(s), characters, photographs, videos, voices and likeness in connection with the Competition and for future promotion and marketing purposes relating to Classic Cover, and waive any claims to royalty, right or remuneration for such use.


Limitation of Liability

The Winner accepts the Prize and takes physical possession of the Prize entirely at their own risk. The Winner is responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the Prize other than those costs explicitly detailed in these Terms and Conditions as part of the Prize itself.  To the fullest extent permitted by law Classic Cover and its employees and agents will not be liable for any loss or damage, liability, personal injury or disappointment suffered by any Winner or Eligible Entrant whatsoever (including but not limited to both direct and consequential losses) as a result of the Competition entry or winning of the Prize.



Classic Cover reserves the right to amend, vary or discontinue the Competition at any time, for any reason (which does not need to be disclosed) and amend these Terms and Conditions. Classic Cover’s decision on any aspect of the competition is final and binding and no further correspondence will be entered into. If Classic Cover cannot reasonably run the Competition as planned for any reason, Classic Cover may cancel this Competition.


While the Winner is to be announced at Repco Beach Hop on 24 March 2024, this Competition is in no way associated with Repco in any way whatsoever.


[1] Provided on an “as is, where is” basis.

[2] Car insurance provided will be subject to existing terms, conditions and/or exclusions included in Eligible Entrant’s existing insurance policy. Any new terms, conditions and/or exclusions as may be applicable when providing insurance will also apply at the discretion of Classis Cover. The policy, including roadside assist, will commence from the time and date on which possession of the Ford Galaxie is physically passed to the Competition winner and will be until 4pm on the 1 year anniversary of that date.

[3] Shipping included is up to the value of $1,500 NZD and any shipping costs in excess of this amount will need to be met by the winner. Shipping is limited to New Zealand addresses only.