Restoration Insurance

Restoration / Laid Up Insurance is ideal for the Car Enthusiast who either has a vehicle being built, undergoing restoration, or simply in storage and not being driven under its own power.

Why choose Restoration / Laid Up Insurance?

At Classic Cover Insurance we treat these cars differently as we know the risk is lower than a vehicle that is being road driven. So if you have a Hot Rod, Classic Car, Muscle car, Street Machine, Vintage Car or Motor Bike that is a pile of bits in the garage and the the engine is at the reconditioners, and the body is at the panelbeaters, Classic Cover Insurance have a team of enthusiasts to help you with your restoration or Laid Up Storage Insurance from beginning to the completed project. That is why it is vital to speak to Classic Cover Insurance to get the right advise and be covered by New Zealand's most specialised Restoration and Laid Up Vehicle Insurer.

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